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Air Alsie wants to be your best choice by offering you unsurpassed value in business aviation. We are more than one hundred competent, responsible and committed people working hard and smart every day to keep this position

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To operate a large fleet of aircraft all over the globe you also need a very strong organization. In the chart below you can see how we are organized to create the most value and to bring you the world at your command in the most cost efficient and comfortable way.

We wish to meet your time critical travel needs effectively by offering you direct access to our team, who can assist you; be it operational planning, charter, maintenance, catering …you name it.

You can 24/7 always call us on +45 74 42 98 88 and we´ll assist you immediately. You can also click on the chart to see the contact details of the person you want to contact directly by phone or email.

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At your command 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact us on +45 74 42 98 88 or send us your request for a no-obligation estimate.

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