Aircraft Management

We offer you a trouble free and flexible Aircraft Management solution based on your specific needs and our professional Aircraft Management Concept, experienced flight staff, and full service maintenance program. Designed to reduce your overall costs while utilizing your aircraft better than ever

Our Customers Are Not Equal

Customers vary with their different needs, wishes and aspirations. We want to develop and offer tailor- made Aircraft Management solutions that respect and reflect this. That is one reason why so many companies turn to us for Aircraft Management services and have made us the biggest private jet company in Northern Europe.

With Air Alsie you have a free choice of how you´d like to combine our services to drive greater efficiency, productivity and return on your investment without the burden of fixed aircraft facility costs. We can also offer to sell excess capacity on your aircraft to the charter market if you want to offset some of your costs as an aircraft owner.

Our state-of-the art maintenance and highly trained personnel will keep you and your staff safe. We help you control the complexity of aircraft management while reducing risk and increasing your flexibility.

The mere size of our company together with our purchasing power bring economies of scale that we pass directly on to you. Combined with our commitment to provide you with a personalized service unmatched in the industry give you the most cost efficient and convenient access to you aircraft – at your command.

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Air Alsie's Concept

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All of which can be tailored to your individual requirements.