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We offer you a trouble free and flexible Aircraft Management solution based on your specific needs and our professional Aircraft Management Concept, experienced flight staff, and full service maintenance program. Designed to reduce your overall costs while utilizing your aircraft better than ever

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When it comes to working with an aircraft management provider, you are essentially putting a critical part of your business – and personal safety – in someone else´s hands.

Air Alsie has designed our Aircraft Management Services and Operations to maintain the highest level of safety and performance for you, your staff and your aircraft.

We select, train, and hire; crew, technicians, operational planners and other service team members. We oversee the maintenance of your aircraft, predict and control the costs of operation and comply with all aviation regulations. We deliver 24/7 Flight Support including flight planning, slots, overflight- and landing permissions, handling requests and catering. In short, we do whatever it takes to satisfy your business travel goals.

In 2001 we established a special business unit in a joint venture with Global Medical Support. Air Alsie can among other tasks bring critically ill patients to where they are best treated extremely fast due to our dedicated Hawker 800B with worldwide capability and highly experienced and certified medical teams.

It nearly goes without saying that to perform a job which concerns life and death we do not accept no as an answer.

We have the experience and expertise to assist you all over the globe and we know how to make things happen even when the going gets tough.

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Air Alsie's Concept

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