direct access to the people you need

As an Air Alsie customer, you have direct access to any and all members of our team you need for time- critical travel needs. Dedicated members of staff will be attached to your account to assist you with operational planning, charter, maintenance, catering, on-board service and so on.

Call us on +45 74 42 98 88 at any time. We are always at your command.

Caring for the environment

As a company who has the entire world as its workplace, Air Alsie is quite naturally concerned with caring for the environment. Our unfailing attention to every detail of our operation gives us many opportunities for making small and big contributions every day – for example by eliminating waste, maximising fuel efficiency, recycling etc.

Offsetting carbon emissions

Business aviation inevitably involves fuel consumption. At Air Alsie, we have researched a number of initiatives that offset carbon emissions, and we will be happy to discuss your opportunities for joining such a carbon-offset scheme if you wish.

GDPR statement

Air Alsie is your guarantee for compliance with all authority requirements. And protecting your privacy is one of our key concerns. As you’d expect, this also means that we are fully updated on the latest GDPR regulations.