Aircraft Management

We offer you a trouble free and flexible Aircraft Management solution based on your specific needs and our professional Aircraft Management Concept, experienced flight staff, and full service maintenance program. Designed to reduce your overall costs while utilizing your aircraft better than ever

Safety is Our Foremost Concern

Safety always comes first at Air Alsie. No compromises are allowed and none are made. We adhere to the most demanding maintenance and operation procedures. We hire only the sharpest and highly experienced flight crews – and simulator training for all our pilots is mandatory.

We operate a large fleet of modern aircraft presenting the best in technology, safety and comfort. Our highly trained technicians and the full range of our maintenance support services maximize the performance of your aircraft and your safety. Air Alsie enjoys an industry-wide reputation for our excellent safety record.

Air Alsie is approved and audited by all relevant Aviation Organizations and leading international companies – such as Shell, Statoil, General Electric, NetJets, KLM and by the Norwegian and Danish Government as well.

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Air Alsie's Concept

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