Effortless ease.
Based on careful work

When you choose Air Alsie to handle your aircraft management, you’ll find that everything runs smoothly. Administration, financial control, cost optimisation, maintenance – and of course your travel experience. Behind all that effortless ease is a large team of professionals who never compromise. But always care.

We take your wishes personally

We provide all the professionals you need to operate an aircraft: pilots, crew, technicians, operational planners and other service team members.

We monitor the maintenance of your aircraft, predict and control the costs of operation and ensure compliance with all aviation regulations. We deliver 24/7 flight support, including flight planning, slots, overflight and landing permissions. We have a highly experienced GO TEAM ready to help with an AOG issues 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world.

We check and handle all administration and invoicing very carefully. We accommodate any special requests – and of course we provide personalised, high-end catering to your exact taste.