Our diversified fleet offers the latest in modern aircraft technology and safety together with the highest level of service and convenience. Our fleet is meticulously maintained and presents luxurious interiors and seatings. We take you wherever you want to go in the most cost efficient and comfortable way

Our Fleet at Your Command

Below you´ll find more detailed information on our aircraft. We have made it easy for you to find which of our aircraft will match your needs in the best way.

When you have shortlisted one or more aircraft to your liking you simply click on Download under Specs and you´ll see all relevant information including photos and floor plan of the aircraft you prefer.

Sweet Dreams

Please note that some of our aircraft for long haul flights also offer a cabin layout where we can convert the seats into real beds to maximize your comfort when flying with Air Alsie.

Click for Large Image Aircraft Reg/Type Seats Non Stop Specs
OY-SKKFalcon 8XOY-SKKFalcon 8X

OY-SKKFalcon 8X

146.450 NMDownload (pdf 2.82 Mb)
OY-DBSFalcon 8XOY-DBSFalcon 8X

OY-DBSFalcon 8X

146.450 NMDownload (pdf 2.22 Mb)
OY-NEWFalcon 8XOY-NEWFalcon 8X

OY-NEWFalcon 8X

126.450 NMDownload (pdf 2.63 Mb)
OY-OLDFalcon 8XOY-OLDFalcon 8X

OY-OLDFalcon 8X

126.450 NMDownload (pdf 2.47 Mb)
OY-EJDFalcon 7XOY-EJDFalcon 7X

OY-EJDFalcon 7X

145.950 NMDownload (pdf 874.44 kb)
OY-EKCFalcon 7XOY-EKCFalcon 7X

OY-EKCFalcon 7X

145.950 NMDownload (pdf 1.17 Mb)
OY-PGAFalcon 7XOY-PGAFalcon 7X

OY-PGAFalcon 7X

145.950 NMDownload (pdf 513.68 kb)
OY-TSSFalcon 7XOY-TSSFalcon 7X

OY-TSSFalcon 7X

145.950 NMDownload (pdf 1.01 Mb)
OY-VIKFalcon 7XOY-VIKFalcon 7X

OY-VIKFalcon 7X

135.950 NMDownload (pdf 1.15 Mb)
OY-RABFalcon 7XOY-RABFalcon 7X

OY-RABFalcon 7X

125.950 NMDownload (pdf 2.05 Mb)
OY-CKKFalcon 2000LXSOY-CKKFalcon 2000LXS

OY-CKKFalcon 2000LXS

103.990 NMDownload (pdf 858.71 kb)
OY-MGAFalcon 2000LXSOY-MGAFalcon 2000LXS

OY-MGAFalcon 2000LXS

103.990 NMDownload (pdf 951.81 kb)
OY-GFSFalcon 2000LXSOY-GFSFalcon 2000LXS

OY-GFSFalcon 2000LXS

103.990 NMDownload (pdf 2.15 Mb)
OY-GWKFalcon 2000SOY-GWKFalcon 2000S

OY-GWKFalcon 2000S

103.350 NMDownload (pdf 2.16 Mb)
OY-SNKFalcon 2000OY-SNKFalcon 2000

OY-SNKFalcon 2000

103.000 NMDownload (pdf 698.97 kb)


481.620 NMDownload (pdf 1.77 Mb)


481.620 NMDownload (pdf 1.82 Mb)
OY-GRNAirbus 330-200OY-GRNAirbus 330-200

OY-GRNAirbus 330-200

2785.600 NMDownload (pdf 1.28 Mb)
OY-HTLEurocopter EC 135OY-HTLEurocopter EC 135

OY-HTLEurocopter EC 135

5330 NMDownload (pdf 779.78 kb)

Aircraft Charter

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