Competent, Responsible and Committed

Air Alsie wants to be your best choice by offering you unsurpassed value in business aviation. We are more than one hundred competent, responsible and committed people working hard and smart every day to keep this position

Never a Dull Moment

Keeping our position as your best choice demands our undivided attention to all areas of our business down to the smallest detail. We´d like to invite you behind the scene and show you a selection of the many parts of our daily activities which support our claim before, during and after your flight. Your satisfaction is our obsession.

Our OP team makes the scheduling and operational planning to bring you to your destination in the most cost efficient and comfortable way. They obtain all permissions needed for your flight, pass on your catering wishes, assist you with your handling requirements and ground transportation and accommodation needs just to mention some of the activities.

We enjoy an industry-wide reputation for our highly experienced flight crews. They have flown to virtually every continent on the planet and they know how to deal with mountainous terrain and difficult weather conditions. Our pilots have to pass skill tests and medical tests on a regular basis and all our pilots receive extra training that prepares them for worst case scenarios. The latter is not required by law, but by our own corporate policies.

Air Alsie has its own catering department, which prepares thousands of tailor-made meals for our customers each year.

Your crew welcomes you in the airport, helps you with all formalities, brings your luggage onboard and makes sure that you are comfortably seated and everything is to your satisfaction before take-off. At your destination you´ll experience the value of our planning and assistance as well.

We control all costs in relation to each and every aircraft. We provide monthly management reports on aircraft usage, maintenance costs and aircraft operational performance to our customers.

Our certified maintenance teams work 24/7 to keep your aircraft fully operational and running at peak performance – making sure you can travel anytime and anywhere you need. We train our mechanics in house on a continuous basis and they also join special training programs at aircraft manufactures’ own premises to maintain the highest standards.

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Air Alsie is the largest provider of Executive Jet Services in Northern Europe.

Wherever your destination – we have probably been there before.

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