Before a flight

> All passengers and crew will fill out Health Declaration Forms. The forms will be evaluated by our contingency team before flight.

> Our crew is tested for COVID-19 as often as possible.

> All aircraft are cleaned and disinfected as per recommendation by EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency).

> Crew in contact with passengers, will wear gloves and masks.

> Passengers are offered hand sanitizer when entering the aircraft. We recommend passengers use masks, if flying in larger groups e.g. on the ATR.

> Due to the situation, the service in the ATR cabin will unfortunately be at a minimum.
On request, we will aim to fulfil the need of the passengers, e.g. water bottles in the seat pockets and wrapped salads or sandwiches.

> For your safety, the air in the cabin is cleaned.

After a flight

> Crew will collect all waste and clean the cabin with special disinfectant.

> If flying into "high threat" COVID-19 areas, we will disinfect the entire aircraft with a dedicated Vector Fog disinfector. The machine works with cold fog and uses disinfection fluid approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.
The aircraft is ready for safe use 45min after the use of the Vector Fog disinfector.


Thanks for choosing Air Alsie A/S, we wish you welcome onboard and a safe flight.

Please see how we handle COVID-19 to the left.