Daily life
for the Air Alsie team

Are you a prospective member of the Air Alsie team? Or perhaps you’d simply like a glimpse behind the scenes at Air Alsie? Happy to oblige! First of all, you should know that regardless of their specific field, all Air Alsie employees need to be highly competent, discreet and attentive to detail.

At the same time, aviation is a field that inspires great passion, and our everyday life is fuelled by that spirit of enthusiasm. Our relentless insistence on quality work reflects the fact that we truly care about what we do. About each other. And, most of all, about our customers.

Operations staff

Our OP team carries out all the scheduling and operational planning required to bring our customers to their destination with maximum comfort and efficiency. They obtain all permissions, pass on specific catering wishes, assist with ground transportation and accommodation and much more. From assessing for diplomatic missions to diverting flights around looming storms, our OP team members pull many strings to smooth the way for our customers in flight and after landing.

Flight and Cabin crew

Our highly experienced flight crews enjoy an industry-wide reputation for excellence. Our pilots greet you at the airport, help you effortlessly through all formalities and bring your luggage onboard. In flight, you can rely entirely on their performance: all our pilots must pass skill tests and medical tests on a regular basis, and they all receive extra training preparing them for all eventualities. Between them, they have flown to 93% of all the countries in the world, so they have seen it all.

Our cabin crew are courteous, discreet and warmly welcoming. Highly attentive to the individual needs of every customer, they make sure that everything is to your satisfaction – before take-off and in-flight.


Our in-house catering department prepares thousands of specially customised meals for our clients each year. We keep close tabs on the preferences of all clients, right down to the exact preferred temperatures of their favourite beverages and how their children like their apples cut. We also invent new dishes and train cabin crew on wine pairings, etc.  

Financial department

Our large financial department manages all costs in relation to each and every aircraft, ensuring complete control and compliance with all authority requirements. We provide customers with monthly management reports on aircraft usage, maintenance costs and aircraft performance. And we make sure that smooth efficiency meets stringent cost-efficiency.


Our certified maintenance teams work 24/7 to keep our clients’ aircraft fully operational. Our hand-picked staff all share a scrupulous approach to proper procedures, and the entirely team benefit from regular in-house and external training to maintain the highest standards.

Asian office

Our office in Kuala Lumpur is part of the operations staff. The dedicated and experienced staff members in Malaysia provides dispatch service during their daytime while the Danish team is resting at night. This is as an important part of our 24/7 coverage.  Extensive local Asian knowledge further professionalise our global services and yet also gives close local support to our many valued customers in Asia.